Sunday, July 29, 2012

IUI#3 is Tomorrow Morning!

I think after all the CRAZY DRAMA I've been through this cycle that this one has GOT to be the one that works, right?

To recap

7 follicles, OMG, can we convert to IVF?

9 follicles but low estrogen, what's going on?!

9 follicles, still low estrogen but IVF approved!

9 follicles, estrogen went up a bit but not enough, convert BACK to IUI

So that brings you to Friday.  I continued my meds and kept my day off that I had scheduled for my egg retrieval tomorrow.  The nurse told me to trigger tonight between 6 and 9 and then come in for my IUI at 10:30.

But, you see, I didn't want to trigger between 6 and 9.  I wanted to trigger at exactly 10:30 a.m., which would put me at 24 hours before the IUI.  I had read most doctors reccomend triggering between 24 and 36 hours befor ean IUI so it didn't make sense to me to trigger so late.  If I don't ovulate until 24 hours after the trigger and washed sperm can only live 5 hours, triggering at night would mean all the sperm would be dead by the time my egg drops, right?

I know I'm not a doctor but I play one on the Internet.

Anyway, this story should end with me triggering and all ready for tomorrow's IUI but that would be boring.  Instead I prepared the needle and, oops, it didn't pierce my skin and before I realized that I pressed the plunger down and lost all the medicine.

Cue panic.  Cue hysterical phone calls to four area pharmacies followed by more phone calls to my on-call nurse.  End of the story is that I was able to get another trigger shot for the low low price of $150.  Eek.

So we're almost all set for tomorrow.  Except I may actually be out of needles now.  Stay tuned....


  1. When I read the part about you losing the medication I gasped! Glad you were able to find more, even if you did have to put up the cash (although that is a bummer). Good luck on the IUI. My fingers are crossed for you!