Sunday, September 30, 2012

Delicious Pineapple Core Smoothie

I've known about the theory that pineapple core can aid in implantation for a while.  On my last IUI I did my best to eat the whole core even though it was pretty tough and acidic.  And obviously that cycle didn't work so I didn't give much thought to the whole pineapple core theory.

But when my acupuncturist again reminded me to eat pineapple core in the days following my embryo transfer I resolved to try it again. So off to the supermarket we went right after we left the office yesterday.  I also picked up some grape juice because that's supposed to help too and I'm superstitious.  I drank a ton of grape juice yesterday but passed out before I could cut into the pineapple.

This morning I asked my husband to cut it up for me (no heavy lifting after all, right?) and we had the bright idea to make it into a smoothie.  And it was awesome!  So much better than eating it plain. Here's what we did:

1/3 of pineapple core in blender cut up into chunks
Some ice
Some almond milk
Whey powder

And nom nom nom it was good.  I'm sorry I don't have precise measurements because we just sort of eyeballed it.  Not sure if you need Whey powder but DH always used it for his smoothies so we threw some in.  Embabies need protein, right?

I don't imagine the amount of bromelain in the pineapple core would be reduced by blending it.  Do you agree, science people?  Anyway give it a shot!  I'll let you know if it worked in 10 days.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Embabies on Board!

Oh hai.  I survived transfer thanks to my new friend Valium.  Even after pre-transfer acupuncture I was pretty on edge until the nurse asked me if I wanted any.  Ten minutes later and I'm cracking jokes on the table.

I had my first ever pleasant speculum experience.  The doctor was nice and patient.  The nurse was kind.  The embryos.  Oh man the embryos were rockstars.

We transferred two GORGEOUS day 5 blasts - a 5AA and a 5BB.  We went back and forth on the one versus two issue and two won out for various reasons I can probably talk about when I'm not on drugs.

So now we wait.  Beta is Tuesday, October 9th but I'm confident I will POAS before then.  Please say hi to the embabies and help them get comfortable!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nine Fertilized Embryos Waiting!

Got the call this morning.  All nineteen of my retrieved eggs were mature!  They were all ICSI'd and so far nine of them have fertilized and are now full fledged embryos.  I'm so excited!

I was a little confused because I thought ICSI meant an 80% fertilization rate but the nurse explained that they are still watching nine other eggs to see if they would fertilize.  Only one egg was bad. Either way, nine is a great number and it all but assures us that we will have a five day transfer.

As for the human incubator, I'm doing okay.  Bloated as heck and crampy but no signs of severe OHSS.

I'm scheduled to go back Saturday and get knocked up.  Please let this work!

Monday, September 24, 2012

19 Eggs Retrieved!

Wow I survived!  One minute I was saying how funny the ceiling looked and the next I was recovering from the procedure.

But ouch the pain rocked me. The nurse seemed to think Tylenol would help that but I begged for better pain meds and finally she obliged.

Then we got the great news: 19 eggs had been retrieved.  My husband I gave each other a high five.

On the way home he was saying that I'll never have to go through stimulation ever again but I was more cautious and said let's see about the fertilization report later.  We get back and I  took a nice long nap with the heating pad.

Then the phone rings and it's the clinic.  I wasn't expecting them to call until tomorrow so I was a little freaked out.  The bad news is our sperm sample was the worst it's ever been.  3 million motile with only a 6% normal morpology.

Even though we had decided not to do ICSI because we were afraid of the increased risks of birth defects and wanted less intervention done on the eggs the doctor urged me to change my mind in light of the news.  So....we're doing ICSI.  I'm okay with it.  No real use second guessing myself now, right?

Fingers crossed for a great fertilization report tomorrow, a kickass 5 day transfer and a happy healthy baby.  Please please please.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Just Wet My Pants

I'm keeping it real right now in the hopes that some other person in the universe will see it and be relieved that they're not alone.

TMI ahead - beware!

I have felt really "wet" since yesterday. I triggered my beautiful 17 follicles last night. Today I reach down to discover that the outside of my sweatpants are soaked.

Omg gross.

It wasn't pee.

It was cervical mucous.


I just got out of the shower and threw on a pad but I can feel MORE eeking out.


My knees are pressed to my chest. This is so gross.

Retrieval tomorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready to Trigger!

So.  Much.  Estrogen.

Yesterday it was 3003.

Today it's 4422!!!

My favorite nurse was so excited that everything finally looks like it is WORKING right the way it should.  My lining is "beautiful" and measuring at 10.5 mm thick.

And the follicles?  There's like 17 of them!  Let me introduce you to them:

On the Lefty we have 15, 17, 15, 11, 15 and 15.

On the Righty we have 15, 16, 19, 16, 19, 17, 17, 15, 18, 14, and 17.

Which of you wants to be my kid?

Trigger is tomorrow night and retrieval is first thing Monday morning.  Here we go!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cycle 10, Day 12

So tired.


Ultrasound showed 12+ follicles today, a huge improvement from Monday.

Estrogen is 2234.

I am exhausted.  Like can't even type things without wanting to nap.

I go back in tomorrow.

Trigger Friday?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disaster Averted (Again)!

I had a crazy day.  Worked.  Then spent 40 minutes driving six miles in the teaming rain to get to my acupuncture appointment.  My anxiety was going through the roof.  I HATE HATE HATE sitting in traffic.  Bad accident right in front of me. Gah.

Had acupuncture to wake up my ovaries.  Thought it would take the usual 40 minutes to an hour. When the lights come on I realize I have been on the table for 90 minutes.

Am now late to meet a friend for dinner.  Back in the car the roads are flooded.  Get to dinner.  Eat. 

Go home.  Cats go insane.  "Mom we thought you were dead.  You've been gone for 12 hours and we were almost out of food.  One of us threw up."

Race to get my shots done in time.  Shot one, done.  Shot two, done.  Mixing up the Cetrotide for shot three and the mixing needle will NOT come off.  Struggle for twenty minutes.  Call my husband who doesn't pick up.  Can't find wrench. Try to google solutio but the Internet is broken.  OMG.

Grab scissors and yank the needle off. Finally.

Inject.  Breathe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cycle 10, Day 4

The cyst is gone!  I start stimming for IVF#1 (and only?) tonight!

I am feeling good about it all.  I know so many things can go wrong between now and beta day but I'm hoping for a great cycle.  I will be on pretty much the same protocol that I was on when they tried to switch my last IUI cycle to an IVF - 150 of Gonal F and 75 of Menopur.  I go back on Friday to see how things are growing down there.

I was excited to learn my antral follicle count because no one has ever told it to me before but when I asked the nurse this morning she said there were "about ten" on each ovary.  I wish I knew the exact number.  Oh well.  I hope I produce a bunch of good quality eggs.

We decided not to do ICSI, which I hope I don't later regret.  It was going to be out of pocket and after some research I figured I wanted to aim for natural egg fertilization even if it means fewer fertilized embryos.  Even though DH's numbers aren't terrific I am confident they are strong enough to fertilize a few eggs "naturally."

I somehow got stuck volunteering for the next three nights on a friend's campaign so it will be busy busy busy around here.  Hopefully Friday will be here before I know it and there will be some follicle news.

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's a Boy!

A beautiful little boy was born to my sister and brother in law yesterday afternoon weighing nine pounds, seven ounces and measuring 22 inches. Everyone is healthy and happy, except perhaps my niece who becomes increasingly agitated the longer she is at my parents' house.

We're watching Dora now. I feel bad putting her in front of the tv but she begged and I'm exhausted already. Kids are hard!

I'm spotting a little which hopefully means baseline will be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day is Here

My sister is in labor.

She was supposed to be induced tonight but apparently nature took charge.

I am happy for her.

I am happy for me too.  I get to spend some quality time with my 22 month old niece tomorrow while my sister and her husband (and probably new kiddo) are at the hopsital.  I've never really babysat her before so I'm nervous/excited.

And then in a few days I will get some newborn snuggles.

Did I mention that I may be getting a brand spanking awesome new job soon?

So, yes, no baby, sister in labor, me taking a four hour bus ride to help out, etc. but things are good.

Finished birth control so come on period.  Then IVF!