Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cycle 5, Day 1

I have this packet of information I got from my acupuncturist about Natural Fertility and Conception. It outlines what you should know and do at each stage of your menstrual cycle. Interestingly enough, it notes:

In ancient cultures of all types, menstruation was a time for women to rest and not have to deal with society. It was a cleansing time, cherished and honored. Take back some of your red tent ritual!

I knew of the book The Red Tent as it's been suggested to me by my mother, but I have yet to read it. Curious about what a red tent ritual entails I consulted wikipedia and found that the tent is where women take refuge during time of menstruation or birth where women can offer each other mutual support.

Coincidentally I do have two women-centered events scheduled for tonight, namely a book club meeting and a charitable group meeting. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be speaking about my menses at either one. A break from society, however, does sound nice right about now.

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