Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off to See The Wizard!

I have good news! Upon hearing my plan to try acupuncture and herbs to bring about a regular menstrual cycle, my husband did his own research and suggested I see a doctor instead.


To digress for a moment, I had a great acupuncture experience and I am very optimistic from the research I have done that it, combined with natural supplements, could help me ovulate on my own. But the combination of the price and the fact that it seemed I was trying to earn my degree in naturopathy all of a sudden had him leaning towards at least hearing what a professional had to say.

Although we are only just now entering our eighth month of trying to conceive, I don't know for sure that I ovulate. And my OBGYN is apparently unconcerned about that. So I said screw you lady and called up a reproductive endocrinologist. The appointment isn't until mid March but I'm so happy to have something to look forward to.

And, as a bonus, I receive a free acupuncture session just for becoming a patient. It's a very holistic practice so I think I'll be happy there.

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