Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Sister Is Pregnant

With #2.

She's 12 weeks already. How do people keep secrets for that long'?

Her kids will be 22 months apart. She had previously said she wasn't going to have a second until they moved to a bigger place than the apartment my parents gave to her for free. I guess that plan is out the window. Either that or she's going to get a new house before I do too.

I was really happy for her on the phone.

I am really happy for her.

I feel like crawling into a hole and dying.

And I'm mad at my husband because he has no idea why I'm upset.

I bought two New Baby books and sent them to my niece. I will try to be a good aunt and a good sister, even though I'm so jealous I can scream.

Cycle 5, Day 30. No ovulation detected.


  1. Isn't that just one of the worse spots to be in? I mean, you want to be happy for your sister, and you want to be excited that you get a new nephew/niece, but it is so hard when it doesn't happen for you. My sister had a baby in September, and the attention that baby is showered with from my mother makes me want to scream, too. I hate feeling envious of others, but it is totally normal, I think. How can it not be?

  2. I feel you too ... my sister had a baby last week, and it's been really, really hard for me. Like SNP, the attention the baby gets from my (our) parents is unbearable. I managed to look at the pictures of my sister with her baby. But when I got to the one of my dad holding it? Different story.

    Don't worry too much right now about being a good aunt or a good sister, just focus on being good to yourself. The rest will follow when it's the right time.

  3. UGH!!!! this is the worst. You are happy, you want to be happy but it hurts so effing much. My sister in law is preggo with #2. And they tried so hard for 4 months before it happened. 4 whole months. I wanted to punch her when she said that it took so long. Ugh.