Monday, February 13, 2012

Shut Up, Pregnant Bloggers!

The great thing about having a blog (especially one that no one knows about in the real world) is that you have a place to just dump all the thoughts in your head that you can't say to anyone else out loud (or even on their blog). And the truth is, pregnant bloggers piss me off.

Not all of them. And no one linked in my sidebar so don't try to figure out the mystery of who I'm going to start bitching about.

Here are the blogs I read this morning:

The "OMG I can't believe we're pregnant!" blog. Blogger goes to the hospital for an unrelated health reason. Takes pregnancy test. "And I said, there is NO way I could be pregnant." Does not elaborate upon this statement by stating why she believes this to be true. Ends up pregnant. "What a total surprise!" What exactly is surprising that having unprotected sex results in pregnancy? Is still SO amazed by this experience that she copies and pastes the entire story on her birth month message board 5 weeks later.

The "I want my hot body back" blog. For real, this chick is cool. I like her. We used to be Internet friends. I never knew she was this shallow. She writes on and on about how when they told her she had gained 15 pounds she just stopped paying attention to the weight gain because she was too upset. Every post is about how huge and uncomfortable she is and how she just can't wait for her pregnancy to be over. I guess I just can't relate to that. This chick had a tough road getting pregnant so she really should know better.

The "God will provide" blog. I JUST found this blog today and boy it is something else. I'm not religious and okay maybe I'm just a tad judgmental of people who put their faith above common sense. This woman's blog prominently features a glam shot of her face. Okay, moving on. She had TWO oops pregnancies before marrying Baby Daddy #2. Then 14 months later came Baby #3. Decides to quit her job to be a SAHM. Then her husband gets laid off so she has to go back to work. Complains about this. Asks for prayers. Then gets knocked up again. Baby #4 on the way, to be born a mere 16 months after Baby #3. WTF dude? I thought you were broke.

Ok, I feel better now.


  1. Ha! Dying laughing ! So true! You crack me up!

  2. Wow you read my mind lol I can't stand people who always complain about how broke they are because they have 4 kids but then at the end of the year they're buying flat screens bigger than mine and have a car nicer than I have and me and my wife both work full time.