Monday, September 24, 2012

19 Eggs Retrieved!

Wow I survived!  One minute I was saying how funny the ceiling looked and the next I was recovering from the procedure.

But ouch the pain rocked me. The nurse seemed to think Tylenol would help that but I begged for better pain meds and finally she obliged.

Then we got the great news: 19 eggs had been retrieved.  My husband I gave each other a high five.

On the way home he was saying that I'll never have to go through stimulation ever again but I was more cautious and said let's see about the fertilization report later.  We get back and I  took a nice long nap with the heating pad.

Then the phone rings and it's the clinic.  I wasn't expecting them to call until tomorrow so I was a little freaked out.  The bad news is our sperm sample was the worst it's ever been.  3 million motile with only a 6% normal morpology.

Even though we had decided not to do ICSI because we were afraid of the increased risks of birth defects and wanted less intervention done on the eggs the doctor urged me to change my mind in light of the news.  So....we're doing ICSI.  I'm okay with it.  No real use second guessing myself now, right?

Fingers crossed for a great fertilization report tomorrow, a kickass 5 day transfer and a happy healthy baby.  Please please please.