Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nine Fertilized Embryos Waiting!

Got the call this morning.  All nineteen of my retrieved eggs were mature!  They were all ICSI'd and so far nine of them have fertilized and are now full fledged embryos.  I'm so excited!

I was a little confused because I thought ICSI meant an 80% fertilization rate but the nurse explained that they are still watching nine other eggs to see if they would fertilize.  Only one egg was bad. Either way, nine is a great number and it all but assures us that we will have a five day transfer.

As for the human incubator, I'm doing okay.  Bloated as heck and crampy but no signs of severe OHSS.

I'm scheduled to go back Saturday and get knocked up.  Please let this work!


  1. That's GREAT news!! Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Fantastic news! I'm so happy to hear it and can't wait to hear all the details on Saturday. Go embies go!

  3. Spectacular!!! Like Elizabeth said....GO EMBIES, GO!!!

  4. Yippee!!! This is sooo exciting :)