Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disaster Averted (Again)!

I had a crazy day.  Worked.  Then spent 40 minutes driving six miles in the teaming rain to get to my acupuncture appointment.  My anxiety was going through the roof.  I HATE HATE HATE sitting in traffic.  Bad accident right in front of me. Gah.

Had acupuncture to wake up my ovaries.  Thought it would take the usual 40 minutes to an hour. When the lights come on I realize I have been on the table for 90 minutes.

Am now late to meet a friend for dinner.  Back in the car the roads are flooded.  Get to dinner.  Eat. 

Go home.  Cats go insane.  "Mom we thought you were dead.  You've been gone for 12 hours and we were almost out of food.  One of us threw up."

Race to get my shots done in time.  Shot one, done.  Shot two, done.  Mixing up the Cetrotide for shot three and the mixing needle will NOT come off.  Struggle for twenty minutes.  Call my husband who doesn't pick up.  Can't find wrench. Try to google solutio but the Internet is broken.  OMG.

Grab scissors and yank the needle off. Finally.

Inject.  Breathe.

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