Sunday, September 30, 2012

Delicious Pineapple Core Smoothie

I've known about the theory that pineapple core can aid in implantation for a while.  On my last IUI I did my best to eat the whole core even though it was pretty tough and acidic.  And obviously that cycle didn't work so I didn't give much thought to the whole pineapple core theory.

But when my acupuncturist again reminded me to eat pineapple core in the days following my embryo transfer I resolved to try it again. So off to the supermarket we went right after we left the office yesterday.  I also picked up some grape juice because that's supposed to help too and I'm superstitious.  I drank a ton of grape juice yesterday but passed out before I could cut into the pineapple.

This morning I asked my husband to cut it up for me (no heavy lifting after all, right?) and we had the bright idea to make it into a smoothie.  And it was awesome!  So much better than eating it plain. Here's what we did:

1/3 of pineapple core in blender cut up into chunks
Some ice
Some almond milk
Whey powder

And nom nom nom it was good.  I'm sorry I don't have precise measurements because we just sort of eyeballed it.  Not sure if you need Whey powder but DH always used it for his smoothies so we threw some in.  Embabies need protein, right?

I don't imagine the amount of bromelain in the pineapple core would be reduced by blending it.  Do you agree, science people?  Anyway give it a shot!  I'll let you know if it worked in 10 days.


  1. I am going to try that after IUI#2! Thanks for the idea! Hope it works well for you!

  2. So I went back and made the smoothie again and realized the whey powder is vanilla flavored so I guess that adds to the overall yumminess of the smoothie. I used about half a scoop full. You could also use sugar but I'm trying not to eat sugar (weight issues).

  3. I have to tell you - I was already planning to do this (see comment above) but now that you have your BFP you better bet I am doing it today for SURE! :-)