Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cycle 10, Day 4

The cyst is gone!  I start stimming for IVF#1 (and only?) tonight!

I am feeling good about it all.  I know so many things can go wrong between now and beta day but I'm hoping for a great cycle.  I will be on pretty much the same protocol that I was on when they tried to switch my last IUI cycle to an IVF - 150 of Gonal F and 75 of Menopur.  I go back on Friday to see how things are growing down there.

I was excited to learn my antral follicle count because no one has ever told it to me before but when I asked the nurse this morning she said there were "about ten" on each ovary.  I wish I knew the exact number.  Oh well.  I hope I produce a bunch of good quality eggs.

We decided not to do ICSI, which I hope I don't later regret.  It was going to be out of pocket and after some research I figured I wanted to aim for natural egg fertilization even if it means fewer fertilized embryos.  Even though DH's numbers aren't terrific I am confident they are strong enough to fertilize a few eggs "naturally."

I somehow got stuck volunteering for the next three nights on a friend's campaign so it will be busy busy busy around here.  Hopefully Friday will be here before I know it and there will be some follicle news.


  1. Eeek! I've missed so much! Good luck! And I love this pic. I totally remember that episode and I totally know the feeling. ;-)

  2. This pic is awesome! I can replay the scene in my head! I hope you have a great cycle!

  3. May the force be with you. It,s go time, baby!!!