Saturday, September 29, 2012

Embabies on Board!

Oh hai.  I survived transfer thanks to my new friend Valium.  Even after pre-transfer acupuncture I was pretty on edge until the nurse asked me if I wanted any.  Ten minutes later and I'm cracking jokes on the table.

I had my first ever pleasant speculum experience.  The doctor was nice and patient.  The nurse was kind.  The embryos.  Oh man the embryos were rockstars.

We transferred two GORGEOUS day 5 blasts - a 5AA and a 5BB.  We went back and forth on the one versus two issue and two won out for various reasons I can probably talk about when I'm not on drugs.

So now we wait.  Beta is Tuesday, October 9th but I'm confident I will POAS before then.  Please say hi to the embabies and help them get comfortable!


  1. Those look beautiful! You are now officially pupo. ;)

  2. Oh this is so great! I was so sure you were leaning toward 1 so I can't wait to hear the details about 2 (no pressure to share of course though)...can't wait for updates!

  3. Ahh they're beautiful! Congratulations on the transfer, and I'm looking forward to hearing some super news soon!