Sunday, October 14, 2012

4 Weeks, 6 Days: "I'm pregnant"

"I'm pregnant."

That's what I said aloud in front of dozens of air travelers as we lined up for the security handlers.

It was the first time I've ever said those words to any non-family member and, I gotta be honest, it was pretty cool.

I was at the beginning of a long-awaited (but often postponed due to fertility treatments) solo vacation. It turns out the new fancy scanner poses no risks to pregnant women but I still opted for a frisk instead - preferring to look overly cautious instead of misinformed.

And now I relax in my hotel room though palm trees are calling my name out my window. I ordered room service - the lobster mac and cheese you see below. Plus milk. I almost ordered two milks but backed out at the last minute. I regretted that immediately because now I'm out of milk and that's all I want.

This may not promise to be the most thrilling vacation but I'm going to relax and enjoy some warm weather. When I return, hopefully I'll be four days more pregnant and just three days away from my ultrasound.

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