Monday, October 1, 2012


How has it only been two days since my transfer?


I feel fine today...much unlike the past two days where I didn't want to get off the couch and needed to go lie down for a nap every few hours.  I'm not sure if that means anything other than the fact that I had to go to work today.  And by "work" I mean the place where I obsessively google "symptoms 2dp5dt."

There is this weird thing going on with my stomach but that's been happening since before retrieval.

I look way pregnant.  My belly is distended and I have to adjust my rack when I go to give myself a shot (i.e. I can no longer see my stomach by just looking down).  I feel like it's getting bigger even though I haven't gained any weight.  In fact, I've lost a couple of pounds since egg retrieval day.  I know I was at risk of getting OHSS but I think mine is just a pretty mild case because I pee freely throughout the day and don't have any of the other side effects.  I've been wearing this fake t-shirt bottom for over a week now.  It's similar to the belly band I guess but it's designed to wear under your shirts so that there's no gap between your pants and shirt.  It came in a package of two at CVS if you're in the market.  I've been wearing it over my pants pulled up around my gut.

Now onto the pee sticks.  I had 40 Wondfos calling my name so I decided to test today to see where if my trigger shot was.  It came up a real squinter, which is totally fine since it's to early to be producing hcg.  I almost didn't take a picture of it because I've been down this crazy road of pee stick comparison before.

Then I remembered that I would be annoyed if I didn't have the stick to compare to tomorrow's stick so here it is.  It's now nine days past trigger and my trigger likes to give me faint positives for 12 days so now I know it's still kicking.  This wasn't FMU or anything.

Stay tuned for more episodes of As the Pee Stick Turns....


  1. It's totally normal to look 4 months pregnant after the retrieval. It's been 2 months since mine and I still haven't gone down all the way. I didn't want to you think something weird was going on. I'm looking forward to your future pee sticks!

  2. I love your definition of "work." And here's hoping that the next episode of As the Pee Stick Turns ... is "Positive"!