Monday, October 29, 2012

Seven Weeks: Heartbeat!

Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts and support after Saturday's bleeding scare.  I really appreciate it. 

My weekend was spent in suspended animation.  We didn't end up going to the haunted hayride or anyplace for that matter.  I spent most of it firmly planted on the couch, hoping to not temp fate.  My sense of smell was crazy and I got mad at my husband for eating peanut butter.

We got in to the doctor's office today and it was SO busy.  Waiting was pretty weird.  DH told me he wants to tell his boss I'm pregnant because "people are asking questions" and I'm trying to shush him because I don't even know if I'm still pregnant AND we're in a fertility doctor's waiting room and I don't want to rub it in for the others around us.

Anyway, I finally get wanded and there it is, my little sac.  Looking good.*  Before I knew it there was a sound coming from the screen. 

Buh bump.  Buh bump.  Buh bump. 

Wow, there is a heart beating inside me!  It was probably the coolest thing in the whole wide world.  The nurse said the heartbeat is 120 bpm which (according to a quick Dr. Googling) is normal.

*The ultrasound dated my pregnancy as 6 weeks, 4 days even though I am 7 weeks today.  Last week I was measuring 1-2 days behing and now I'm measuring a full 3 days behind.  The nurse said not to worry but I'm still a little concerned.  I really hope my little guy catches up some by next week.

Does anyone have any early ultrasound measurement stories to help ease my mind?


  1. My friend measured a whole week behind and now she's almost 15 weeks with a great heartbeat. My baby's hb was like 120 the first time as well, right at 6w4d. Oh, and my friend is now measuring ahead! Her little one caught up. I really wouldn't worry too much about it. They fluctuate so much right now and sometimes it's hard to get an exact measurement. Try to trust your dr...easier said than done, I know!

  2. How wonderful to see and hear the little heartbeat! I'm so happy for you, especially after this weekend's scare. No fun, that. I don't have any measurement stories to ease your mind, but if the nurse said not to worry, then try to take that advice to heart.

  3. Wow! What a weekend you have had! Yay for a heartbeat!

  4. I'm so glad you got to hear your baby's heartbeat! Make sure that you stay super well hydrated and don't overdo it...because dehydration can cause uterine cramping in early pregnancy and can cause spotting. Don't worry about the differences in growth...they usually don't get alarmed unless growth is off by a week or more. When is your next scan? I was so worried about growth in the beginning that I actually complained of spotting and cramping just so the insurance and OB would grant me another scan... I didn't want to wait from 6 to 12 weeks to see the baby they allowed me to see baby at 9 weeks also. Keep us updated!

  5. I forgot to mention that I did that with both babies. Don't go to the ER though unless you have to...they don't usually do as good of a job with the scans as an OB does.

    1. Ha, don't worry. I'd rather gougue my eyes out than get a transvaginal ultrasound in the ER. I go back to the fertility doc one more time for an ultrasound on Monday and then my next one will be with the OB for the NT scan a few weeks after that.