Monday, October 8, 2012

9dp5dt: Still Hanging Tough

Welcome back to Peesville, USA.  Where you can pee all you want but no one believes you're pregnant.

I really wanted to see a dark second line today but both the Wondfo and the Clear Blue test gave me similar results to yesterday or even previous days.  And I know "they" say that home pregnancy tests are qualitative not quantitative, but when your own family doesn't trust you, it's nice to have something to bolster your hope.

Today I am four weeks pregnant.

Tomorrow I go in bright and early for my blood test.  I'm trying not to speculate what the number will be and what it could mean.  Since I have been testing positive for about four days now I'd hope it would be at least 100.  Scientifically, if a Clear Blue test picks up 25 units of hcg and I have my blood test four days after testing positive on one of those babies then it should be 100.  I would be thrilled if it was even higher. I don't want there to be any doubt.  I am pregnant and the haters can suck it.

I also feel pregnant.  I'm tired.  I'm constipated.  I have weird cramps and it hurts when I sneeze or yawn.

I just need to get to tomorrow afternoon.  Heaven help me.

Here's a stick from today.  Annoyingly dark but not really dark.


  1. I totally understand, but just know that 1 of my betas at that time was only 24 and only doubled in 3 days, not 2 (it had a 68% rise in 2 days) and things worked out fine. I'm just saying not to worry if beta is less than 100 because I've known dozens of ladies whose betas didn't follow typical levels. Keep up the great work :)

  2. Oooh I am so excited for you! My Wondfos were not very dark at 14 or 15 dpo, but three weeks later, so far so good with the betas. So don't worry about that - or about your sister's and mom's reactions. Yes, what they say may be well and true, but it's no reason not to celebrate TODAY. I hope you are!

  3. Hope you get your dark line soon in Peesville!

  4. YAY! That's almost exactly what my beta was at 4w 1d and now I'm 21+ weeks! This is wonderful! TODAY you are pregnant!