Thursday, October 4, 2012

5dp5dt: A Line is a line?

I just got back from the dentist and once again the dentist and the hygienist asked me if I was pregnant yet.  It happens every three months when I get a cleaning (I need a lot of cleanings) so I guess I should be prepared but damn if I have to go back there in another three months un-pregnant.

The thing is though....I might be pregnant.

Would a non-pregnant person have these kind of second lines 5 days past their 5 day transfer and 12 days past their hcg trigger?

What do you think?  The top one is from this morning and the bottom one is from this afternoon.  I know they're faint and it still could possibly be the trigger but I'm starting to get excited.  I even listened to a pregnancy podcast today on the way to work.  That was kind of weird.  It was titled "Week Four" and went something like this:

It may be time to take a home pregnancy test, but if it's not positive, don't worry.  Take another in a few days.

Haha ROTFL. I have 40 tests left.  You can't stop me.

Your clock may have started ticking a long time ago or just recently but if this isn't your month, just try again next month.

Or try for 16 months.  And bang your head against the wall.  And take lots of drugs.  And cry.

Try to remember when your last monthly period started.  This will be helpful information for the doctor.

I'm pretty sure my doctor was at my last monthly period, so I'm good.



Bring on tomorrow.   I am staying upbeat but I really want to see a nice dark line.  Of course now I'm reading that for some women, the lines never get dark.  OMG.

No symptoms, down another pound.


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  2. Looking good so far! I have some really wonderful pregnancy meditations to suggest once you have confirmation that you are officially knocked up. :) (Sorry, I posted twice on accident, can you remove my comment from my other profile?)

  3. Looks good to me too :) I would really think the trigger is out of your system by now, so maybe those lines are for real :)

  4. OMG I hope so!! Update update! Fingers crossed :)