Thursday, May 10, 2012


Interwebz I need you help.  I have been crying at my desk for two solid hours.

It started when my mother told me I should burn the dress that I wore to Easter.  I hung up on her and have been crying ever since.  My coworkers probably think I'm insane.  I couldn't go to lunch because my face is too red.  I don't know what to do.

Could this be from the Clomid?  The Metformin?  Just general female hormones?  I cannot handle this.

I called my RE's office and no one answered.  My husband told me to call back but that would require leaving my desk again and I can't do that.  He also told me to call my pyschiatrist but I can't do that either because I don't want to change my meds.  Common sense says to leave work early but I only have 80 minutes left.


Why am I crying?  When will it go away?

To refresh, I am on CD14.  Took Clomid on CDs4-9.  Started taking Metformin this week.


  1. Clomid made me cry nonstop for days. Weeping, seeping cries. I would absolutely blame the Clomid. Seriously, I think more women have crazy emotional experiences on it, than those that don't. Also, metformin may be making your blood sugar go a bit crazy, which WebMD says may result in some anxiety, nervousness, jittery-ness, etc. I go a bit crazy when my blood sugar is low, too. I hope you can get out of work soon, go home, and decompress.

  2. Clomid made me nuts as well. There would be some days where something would set me off and I would just cry and cry. I was on Metformin for about six months before going on Clomid and never had problems with that, but maybe it's the one-two punch. Honestly though, Clomid always made me bonkers far the CD 3-7 I took it for. I hope it gets better. Sometimes just knowing what is causing it can help. *Hugs*

  3. No advice but just to say I'm sorry and I hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Clomid makes me craaaaazy. Sometimes I am slightly normal on it, and other months I've been "commit me to a mental home" crazy. I've been on met too for years and that doesn't have any emotional side effects for me...just horrible stomach issues.