Monday, May 7, 2012

My Follicles Are Immature

I was SO convinced that my second IUI would be tomorrow that I created a Google calendar event to mark the appointment and invited my husband to it.  Ha ha.  I thought my body would be normal for once.  We even abstained from sex yesterday in preparation for the event and let me tell you this: you will never want to screw your husband more than the day you know you're not supposed to screw.

On the way to the appointment this morning I told my husband that there were three possible outcomes of this monitoring appointment.  The first and most desired outcome was that we would see some mature follicles, trigger, and then go in tomorrow for the IUI.  That way he can go to his business trip on Wednesday and all would be right with the world.  This coming weekend on Mother's Day I would say "no Bloody Mary for me, might be knocked up" and accept cheers and praise.

The second possible outcome we discussed was that the follicles would be too small to trigger and I'd have to come in again on Wednesday.  That was going to be a little tricky to figure out but maybe we could trigger Wednesday night and then have the IUI when he gets back into town Friday morning.

Of course the third possible outcome was one we just brushed off thinking that it wouldn't happen.  We get there and there's many immature follicles hanging out in my left ovary like petulant children, refusing to grow up!  So now I'm sitting here in limbo until Friday when we go in again and check it out.  Is the office open on Saturday?  I don't even know.  I hope it is.  Which means (oh please) that maybe we can have the IUI Saturday morning before getting on the road to see the in laws.

Or if there's no growth they're going to have me take MORE Clomid.  Joy!  This makes it impossible to calculate my hypothetical due date.  Stupid follicles.

Cycle 6, Day 11.


  1. I would be surprised if your RE is not open on the weekends. My clinic is open every day except for Christmas Day and New Years Day.

    Grow follicles grow!

  2. I had the same report yesterday. A bunch of littles on the left one and it was cycle day 12. I can't imagine an RE's office not being open for IUI's on Saturdays. I don't think they do regular appointments but for IUI's they see people.

  3. Repeating others-grow follies grow. Fingers crossed for you!