Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cycle Six, Day Nine and Counting!

How is it only cycle six you may wonder, if it's month eleven, well it just is my fun and exciting anovulation.  But this is gearing up to me perhaps my first textbook fertile cycle!  Yesterday, on CD 8, I had some crazy EWCM, the first I've seen since I've been on the pill!  Sure it's a little early but I'll take it.  We tried for some natural baby-making yesterday and will (hopefully) do it again today.  I got an almost positive opk today and hope things line up perfectly for (maybe) IUI#2 on Tuesday.

This plan better work because I was hoping we can get in another sex session post IUI - something we didn't get a chance to do last time - but my husband will likely have to leave town on Wednesday.

So please, Universe, let the stars align so everything goes well with this cycle.  Please give me two mature follicles just like last time.  I know some people want more, but I'm terrified of HOM.  Please give my husband some better numbers.  Please work your magic!

Meanwhile, in other news, we cleaned our bedroom today, something we should have done for like, um, maybe the past two months.  It's so easy to get distracted with all this fertility treatment whatnot and forget everyday grownup responsibilities.  No more of that!

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