Friday, May 11, 2012

Stop The Crazy Train, I'm Getting Off

So yesterday was the worst day I've had in quite a while.  I was pretty much a mess and cried all afternoon in my little cubicle with the thankfully high walls.  I attempted to eat lunch but ended up throwing it away.  Thankfully, blog commenter Returntogobaby pointed out that perhaps my blood sugar was low.  And that made a lot of sense.  I had just started the Metformin a week earlier and it can apparently it can cause a decrease in blood sugar.  So combined with the Clomid which is still in my system, an empty stomach, plus the insensitive comments of my mother, I had a total sobbing breakdown.

I should note here that I was not crying softly the entire time.  At certain intervals I was full on ugly crying, but I'm grateful that none of my coworkers tried to assist me.  We're not close by any means other than the location of our desks and I really didn't need to try to regain my composure if someone had interrupted me.  Luckily they are all women on my floor.  I managed to get all of my work done and shuffled home where I went directly to bed.

By the time my husband came home he, too, thought I was suffering from low blood sugar.  I was prescribed juice and semisweet chocolates we had lurking in our cabinet.  Together we rode out the storm, including another bed time panic attack complete with dry heaving. I survived and today I felt much better.

I told the nurse all that had happened and it was decided that Clomid is not the drug for me.  My GAD has been amplified and I've become a walking ball of hormones.  As for the Metformin, I'm going to keep taking it but will be careful to watch my blood sugar and not skip meals.  I also decided to not double my dose next week like I was originally instructed to do.  Everything I read about Metformin indicates that you should increase the dosage slowly and I don't want to temp the gods any further.

Thanks to all that commented yesterday when I was in the throes of my meltdown.  I really appreciate it.  The good news is I have two follicles measuring around 9 mm.  I go back on Tuesday and will hopefully trigger and have IUI#2 on Wednesday.

Today is CD15.


  1. Urgh what a nightmare. I'm glad you're doing better today. Wishing you lots of luck for wed!

  2. I know nothing about IUIs, or Clomid, or Metformin but I am glad you seem to be doing better. I can completely empathize with ugly sobs at work though. Late December 2011, I was hiding under my desk snot sobbing like a fool.