Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clomid Headaches Suck!

Last month, a few days after I stopped taking Clomid, I had the world's worst headache ever.  I was miserable, like get out of my way, going insane, hurting.  I had been well aware of the side effects of taking Clomid and had made my doctor reassure me when he was prescribing it that the side effects would only last the five days I was on the medication.  I figured I could last five days knowing it would end soon.  My doctor said after I was done taking the medication I was out of the woods and I believed him.

So imagine my surprise and relief that first round when I had almost no side effects at all from the Clomid.  I did it!  Then came the Horrible No Good Headache.  My husband didn't believe me, however, because Dr. Google told him that only 2 percent of women experience headaches from Clomid.  I hadn't even taken Clomid for two days before this headache came on. And, err, because of the massive amounts of wine I had consumed the night before.  Yes, I admit, the headache could have been caused by the wine, but I have been hungover before and THIS was not it.

This time around I had forgot my Clomid not hangover theory when I awoke this morning with my head pounding.  I'm feeling anxious and pissed off all of a sudden too.  It's CD10 and I took Clomid on CDs 4-8.   I just need to get this out there so that future Clomid takers who visit Dr. Google know that yes, you CAN get headaches after you are done taking Clomid.

The last one only lasted an excruciatingly long eight hours or so.  Here's hoping I'm entering the tail end of this pain.


  1. Hope your headache ends soon! How much are you taking? I was pretty lucky when I did 50 mg this past cycle, but since that was a bust I am up to 100 as soon as AF decides to grace me with her presence. Little nervous about what side effects I may feel with double the dose.

    1. I did 100 mg this cycle and last. Hope you don't get the headache!

  2. It is hard to engage in a sexathon when you have a headache! That excuse was for real at one point or another...Right?

  3. I have taken 50mg the past two months. The first month I didn't have any symptoms, this month I felt moodier, had dry eyes (and other dry parts). Maybe it is because we are taking it for the second month in a row that we have side effects this month? I worry what next month will bring (hopefully it doesn't get to that though).

  4. The first 2 times I took clomid I had no symptoms, the last 2 I was at 150mg and had hot flashes, headaches, clomid crazies the whole 9 yards and normally I don't get side effects from medication. Hopefully yours goes away soon!