Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Have PCOS...and a Plan!

So. much. information. at my first appointment with the R.E. yesterday. Frankly I'm still digesting it and doing a little research.

First thing first, I have PCOS! Maybe. Probably. At least that's what he's saying I have even though my labs will probably come back normal like last time and I don't appear to have any cycsts. PCOS is basically a catchall diagnosis and since I have irregular cycles now with heavy bleeding, unwanted weight gain since going off the pill and excessive facial hair he thinks it fits. Also the whole not getting pregnant thing.

Next, when discussing my options he didn't even mention timed intercourse. I had to stop him and say "but what about timed intercourse?" He wants to move straight to IUI.

When I first heard that I was all.

What do you mean I have to have sex with a catheter instead of my husband? It freaked me out a little bit. In fact I made the insurance coordinator swear to me that they had never given anyone the wrong sperm. She laughed and said they only do one insemination at a time and they mark the cup with your Social Security Number or something.

He also wants me on Clomid (I expected this) and maybe even a trigger shot. But the trigger increases my chances of multiples to 30%. OMG mutiples! I started freaking out again.

But now, a day later and after I got to talk to DH (who is out of town) I am feeling good. It's a plan. It's a good place to start.

I still have oodles more tests in the works - HSG, SHG, SA, PCO panel, etc. etc.

But I have a good doctor. And I have hope.


  1. I'm not sure which is better, having a plan or having hope? Perhaps the two are equally important. I'm glad you have both. Good luck as you digest this information and move forward.

  2. Good luck to you! I hope one of these options is Your Option. PCOS is a tricky thing!