Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The R.E. v. Every Other Doctor In The World

I seriously love my R.E.'s office. They are so nice and accommodating. I can access all of my patient information, lab results, schedule, etc. right on their web site. I thought I would give you a side by side comparison of how I've been treated thus far by this office as opposed to my other doctors.

At the General Practitioner

Pussy Parent: I would like to schedule a physical.
General Practitioner's Office: What for?
Pussy Parent: Because I haven't had one since college and I would like one.
General Practitioner's Office: Okay, you can come in three months from now at 2 in the afternoon?
Pussy Parent: Do you have anything early in the morning or later in the afternoon. I work 9-5.
General Practitioner's Office: No, those time slots are not available for physicals.

and another time

Pussy Parent: I'm having very severe abdominal pain that has lasted two weeks.
General Practitioner's Office: Go get this very scary abdominal cat scan and then I'll never call you and tell you the results.

and yet another time

Pussy Parent: Hello, I would like to schedule my flu shot.
General Practitioner's Office: Ok, how about this really inconvenient time?
Pussy Parent: Fine. Can my husband come in with me? We just got married so he has been added to my insurance.
General Practitioner's Office: We aren't accepting new patients at this time.
Pussy Parent: But can he just get the shot?
General Practitioner's Office: No.

and then

At the Gynecologists

Pussy Parent: I would like to schedule my annual.
Gyn Office: Okay, how about this day at this very inconvenient time. Come and sign in and you'll wait at least an hour for your appointment even though you were on time.*
Pussy Parent: Can't wait!

*I added the asterisk because many people assume that the reason they have to wait so long to be seen at their annual is because their doctor is off delivering a baby. I can safely say that's not the case because my doctor only handles the GYN side of things.

compared to

At the R.E.'s Office

R.E. Nurse: Hi, we are just calling to see if you had any questions.
Pussy Parent: You're calling me?! Questions.
R.E. Nurse: Question answered. When would you like to schedule your appointment?
Pussy Parent: Gulp. Do you have anything available for this Friday?
R.E. Nurse: Sure, when would you like to come in?
Pussy Parent: How about 9?
R.E. Nurse: I've got 9, 9:15, 9:30, which do you want?
Pussy Parent: /dies

If only they could treat all my medical problems. I love them so far.

Plus my drugs came today! I go in this Friday for a baseline ultrasound (on Day 60, crazy!) and will hopefully get the green light to start the Clomid.

The Crinone, on the other hand, scares the ever loving crap out of me.


  1. I love this! It is so true!

    I haven't used the crione (I use prometrium suppositories), but I have heard good things (doesn't drip out, etc.) Good luck!

  2. My RE office is great too and I have often said I wish they could be my doctor for everything, lol. Wishing you lots of luck!!!

  3. Everything available on the website?! Wow. If only all doctors could join the 20th century - never mind the 21st!
    Good luck with the ultrasound.

  4. I just died laughing! I had to read your post out loud b/c I looked ridiculous cracking up by myself! You are too funny! I love it! We have an appointment with an RE in a few weeks. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with their office so far! The lady at the desk has already talked me off the ledge once when I frantically called very overwhelmed and I haven't even been in yet!

  5. Why does the Crinone scare you? I started that myself on Monday and it's not too bad. I was worried that it would drip out or smell and it's really not that bad.

    1. I guess it just seems gross. I don't even use tampons so I'm not really used to sticking things inside myself. Sorry TMI answer! Also I heard you have to scoop it out somehow.