Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spotted: The Internet Message Board Phenomenon

I sometimes post but mostly lurk on a bunch of different internet message boards relating to trying to conceive. I do get a lot of good information from these boards and get to interact with some kindred spirits, but for the most part, they can be infuriating. From the trollers who post constant "omg my boobs hurt, am I pregnant?" to the old timers who thinks no one is allowed to be discouraged about their efforts to get pregnant if they haven't undergone as much turmoil as them.

After a month of lurking, I guarantee you have seen every single post you will ever see so much so that not only do you feel like a friggen Doctor of Medicine, your days start to feel like Ground hog's Day. Some people are in the two week window and freaking out! Some people got their BFP and were SO shocked! How can they tell their husband in a cute way? Ad infinitem.

But today, something happened that actually surprised me. A girl had posted that she was going to the doctor to talk about why she hadn't gotten her period in 70 days when every single stick she peed on said she wasn't pregnant. Now, this is something that happens a lot. Shit, it's happened TO ME. Usually you get a script for Provera and sent on your way.

Not this girl though. She showed up at her doctor and was given a pee test. Bam. Pregnant.

She is the luckiest girl in the universe. What's even better if she didn't even know she was pregnant for the past who knows how long, five weeks maybe. So she gets to magically skip the first month of freaking out.*

Girl on the Internet, you give me hope.

*Okay, for real, I guess I would be scared to not have known I was pregnant for a month, especially if I were hitting the crack pipe, but here's hoping everything is okay.

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  1. Too bad she didn't hold out another 7 months so she could star in that TLC hit "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."

    I love your blog name, it makes me laugh!