Monday, March 26, 2012

Thoughts on Cycle Day 56

I searched Google for images associated with the word "waiting" and this picture of a bear sitting on a picnic bench was too perfect not to share. I hope someone brings that bear his picnic soon.

And here I am, still waiting to end Cycle 5. It's day 56. And I know to some people reading this blog 5 cycles seems like nothing. I don't want to seem totally impatient but I've waited nine months to have some feeling that my body was actually going to cooperate with me and it seemed like the last two cycles were getting shorter (26 and 38 respectively), so this is just frustrating.

I have a bottle of Provera waiting for me at home but my RE's office told me that I didn't need to take it yet. As of last week they wanted to see my blood test results and then have me come in for a baseline ultrasound and maybe start Clomid without even waiting for my period because it's clear I haven't ovulated this cycle.

My drugs will be here tomorrow via Fed Ex. Only $45 for the Clomid, Crinone gel and HCG trigger shot. Thank God for great insurance! On the one hand, I really hope the results come in soon and they schedule my appointment ASAP. On the other hand, I have a busy week at work and have been stranded without a car as my husband is taking our only car out of town tonight until Thursday.

Thus I am just waiting and hoping. There's always the small chance that we made a baby the "natural" way, right? The goddamn psychic has 5 more days to earn her $5.


  1. You are very lucky to have such good insurance! I'm dealing with all that stuff now and it's overwhelming! The people at the insurance company are so nice and very helpful, I must say! Good luck with the clomid. Hope it helps you O!

  2. I agree what good insurance. I think my clomid alone was like $45. There were cycles that went on forever for me and I completely feel your pain!