Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

You know what this process of trying to get pregnant has made me really good at? Math. As in counting out nine months. When my sister told me she was pregnant and due on September 10th I immediately asked myself if she had been drinking on Christmas. Then I did the math and thought, wow, she must have found out the week between Christmas and New Year's. How joyous that must have been. For her.

And no, I'm still not over it. Anyone with sisters should know what I'm talking about. Our relationship is a deeply complicated thing. Not to mention the fact that we share parents, look similar, got married at almost the exact same age (30 years, 7 months for me and 30 years, 9 months for her). Why does her body work and not mine?

When I first started trying to get pregnant I was so excited that my baby would be born in April. Then it was May, then June, then you get the point. Eventually I realized the chances of having a baby born in 2012 were dwindling. And now, due to this handy online due date calculator I know that they are gone. Well, maybe if the baby came early but most likely gone.

This information will be of particular interest to my husband as we send the check to the Tax Man this week. We withhold at the maximum rate and still owe taxes again this year. No 2012 deduction for us. Sigh.

But I'm going in on Friday for my baseline ultrasound. Even though today is CD 58 I pretended like it was CD1 and plugged in the info in the due date calendar. Immediately it said "Congratulations, you are due on January 2, 2013!" This date was exciting for two reasons:

1. It falls into the very narrow gap of being in 2013 but before my 33rd birthday on January 9th. It sounds dumb but beating that milestone would make me feel better.

2. I stand a darn good chance of the baby coming a day early and being the first baby born in 2013. Maybe we'll be on the news! And how awesome would it be to have a birthday on New Year's? There would always be a party to go to!

3. I'm born in January. January is a great month to be born. You're the oldest kid in your class so you can get your learner's permit first (not license though, that one took a while, lol), buy beer first, etc.

And I know that thinking like this is probably not good for me but I'm trying to be positive. Hitting milestones sucks.

Come on January.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who figures out this stuff as it happens. For me, a January or February baby would be perfect because Matt wouldn't be busy farming and be around to help. Goodluck with your u/s on Friday.

  2. Haha! I was doing that same math today! I came to the conclusion that if I actually am able to have my IUI on Saturday I will be due on Dec. 22. My DH is a Chrismas Eve baby and I never really wanted a "Christmas" baby because...that sucks! But I will take a baby whenever I can get one!

    Sisters.....I have one of those. She is 14 months younger than me and we have never been best friends...more like acquaintances. She is due with her 2nd baby in about 6 weeks...she can't handle the one she has. To make it more awesome...she told me she was PG 2 days after my D&C and mentioned that they weren't trying and she was supposedly on BC. Whatever. Her first child is 3 months younger than my sibling rivalry is in play here if you couldn't tell.

    As for milestones, I wanted to be finished having kids by 30 (I started trying at 21 and wanted 3-5 kids). I have one child and I will be 30 in just a few short my milestone is have one more child...sometime. LOL! Life NEVER works out the way we like/think it will.

    Sorry for the novel! :P

  3. I totally do the same thing! If this cycle works out then my EDD would be December 7th. I can't even wrap my head around this cycle being a bust and having to wait until 2013! :( Best of luck to you!

    ICLW #86

  4. Sisters can be so complicated. My sister and I barely survived her first child, and then she announced #2 on the day I got my last negative beta.

    Here's hoping your January baby is soon on its way!


  5. omg. i had sooo many plans for getting pregnant and having kids. i calculated my leave and consulted a chinese gender calendar, the chinese horoscope and the zodiac charts so that we would have a baby girl who was completely compatible with Hubster and I when my leave balances were most optimal. I also didn't rqst time off from work around thanksgiving or christmas because i knew i would on maternity leave anyway. wow. i'm pretty embarrassed now lol! actually writing all that out makes me sound so lame. do you feel better? ;-) good luck with this cycle!!! :-)

  6. I hear you on sisters. My younger sister's husband proposed to her about a month after my ex-fiance and I broke things off. Then she gave birth less than two months after my miscarriage. Ahhh ....

    Here's to January 2, 2013 and all the possibilities it may hold!