Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Intercourse Count: 44 Times

I thought it would be fun to see how many times I've had sex in the calendar year.  I try to mark every occasion on my Fertility Friend chart.  I'm not really sure why as we learned months ago that sex isn't going to bring us a baby.  But I guess in the really rare (like less than one percent a cycle) chance that it does happen I want to know the possible date of conception for obsessive compulsive purposes I guess.

So...44 times as of tonight.  Wink wink.  It only works out to be about six times a month which is frankly a little less than I'd like, but my husband does travel a bunch for work.  For the most part I'm happy with our sex life.  It actually took a lot of pressure off our lovemaking when we knew sex would no longer be our chosen method of conception.  Sex is just for funsies.

Is it weird that I want to keep up the log even after I (hopefully) get pregnant?  I just think it's a good idea to be aware of your intimacy.  I know a few times we've gone like ten days without doing it and I've felt a little embarrassed when I realized it had been that long.  I know parenthood will likely affect our intimacy but I can dream that we'll at least be one of those "once a week" couples.

How's your sex life during infertility treating you?

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  1. Not good. When I was pregnant this last time (which was only for a week), it was awesome. Just like when we first "got together. " But now even when I know sex is not likely to bring a pregnancy, it's still very hard. I just have way too many thoughts going brought my head about babies and I have a hard time. I hate that. :(