Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cycle 9, Day 18

I am SO over this whole waiting around for my IVF cycle to start thing.

I have tried to start writing posts lately...about my meeting to discuss the cycle, about the conclusion we reached about the numbers of embryos we want to transfer, how my family is walking on eggshells around me with the imminent arrival of my sister's new baby.

But then I get to the blog and try to write it all down but it even bores me to talk about it so I have no idea how boring it would be to an outside audience.

I just want to move time faster.

Or at least speed up time so that Vampire Diaries is back on the air.

So that's where I am lately.  Just bored.  Six more days of birth control and then hopefully a nice light period instead of a crazy ten day gorefest.

Then IVF and then maybe pregnancy?!!!

I really need to research prenatal vitamins.  I've tried a couple when we first started trying but they hurt my stomach and I started just taking a multivitamin and some folic acid.  Any recommendations?


  1. My prenatals are a prescription because my insurance covers prescription prenatals. I had good advice from a friend to take them at night with dinner (think it has to be at least an hour before bed). Hope that helps!

  2. I used select OB prenatal CHEWABLE vitamins but they are prescription only...they taste like Flinstone Vitamins and you can swalow or chew them. My new fav though is VITA FUSION prenatal gummies...they taste like candy and do NOT have iron, so your tumm won't get irritated. I also used OXYLENT prenatal POWDER Mix...you mix it with waterand drink but it is really expensive.

    Of course I want to hear about your prep for your cycle, especially 1 or 2 embryos, no matter how "boring" you think it is.

  3. I use the One a Day and they didn't bother my stomach up until a few weeks ago. Not sure what that is about but I was taking them at night so I am going to look into something else, maybe a chewable like pinky3promise mentioned.

  4. I've been taking Nature Made prenatals with DHA and they work well for me and make up for the fact that I don't eat fish. Feel free to tell what is going on though. I check back in for updates on cervical position and possible pregnancy signs and all the drama of medicated cycles. It's that and your sassy writing that keeps me coming back! :-)

  5. Mine are also prescription at $40 a month. I use the Citra Natal +DHA. I like them a lot and they don't make my tummy hurt. I also take them at night. I hope that time stops trickling by and that your IVF cycle comes more quickly than you expect :)