Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trying Not to Panic

Confession time.  I haven't had an appointment with my psychopharmacologist in 10 months.

Psychopharma-what you ask?

It's the Nurse Practitioner who prescribed me my Zoloft.

I don't know how many non-crazy people know this but you shouldn't be on any SSRI long term without seeking the help of a trained professional.  And your general practitioner (or your OB even) doesn't count.  I know millions of Americans don't follow this rule (and I used to be one of them) but it's true.  I won't go into long boring details about the reasons behind this because it doesn't even matter in my situation.  My GP won't treat my anxiety anymore.  She referred me to someone long ago. 

And I hate her but that's a WHOLE other story.

The person I was originally referred to I never actually met because did you know that to see an actual psychiatrist you must be like literally the most crazy person ever?  No really, it's true.  I had to wait weeks just to get into this guy's office and then I met with a Nurse Practitioner.

Nothing wrong with Nurse Practitioners.  It's just really really hard to see a real deal psychiatrist around here apparently.  But it was okay because I loved this Nurse Practitioner.  He was awesome.  I was in a rough place at the time and he totally helped me out.

Until I got a letter from the office he worked at dropping me as a patient.  Huh?

I would later find out that he had left the practice under somewhat mysterious circumstances.  And TODAY I found out that the original guy I was referred to (the psychiatrist) was just ARRESTED for sexually assaulting his staff.  Holy shit!

None of this actually explains today's problem but since that time my Nurse Practitioner who I followed to a new practice has apparently left that practice.  I would know this if I had been going to my monthly appointments but since I already had a talk therapist and he kept signing off on prescription refills I didn't bother.

I tried emailing him yesterday explaining that I need a refill of my Zoloft (I ran out today) but he hasn't responded.  I have tried getting appointments and the old (new) practice and another place.  Ack!

I'm fine though.  Just anxious about being anxious.  Can an RE prescribe Zoloft?  Stay tuned for actual fertility related news when this crisis settles.

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