Saturday, August 4, 2012

Zero Weeks Belly Shot (TMI!)

Okay so this is GROSS but I had to share it with some people who a) don't know me and b) would appreciate the sheer grossness of it.

During my stimming my belly took some abuse from all the shots but this bruise takes the cake.  I showed it to my nurse because WTF and she said it was likely from me not holding my belly while I was injecting myself, but I did hold my belly. 

Oh well.  If this cycle works, it will all be worth it, right?  Right?  But don't worry, I am grossed out by naked belly shots of pregnant women so this will be the last one I share.  I'm usually not that bloated either.  Stupid drugs.  If you look closely you can see my first ever stretch marks!  Something to look forward to I guess.

Sorry about the happy trail.  PCOS equals rapid hair growth.

Speaking of this cycle working, I am feeling weird phantom symptoms which, I know, is ridiculous because I'm only 6 days past my IUI.  Last night I was having martial relations (for fun!) with my husband and I could have sworn his soap smelled different.  And I was totally craving soup today.  Actually yesterday but I didn't get to eat soup until today.  I think I dreamt about soup.

So I'm crazy, bloated and bruised.  You're welcome Phantom Baby.


  1. Holy smokes! I thought it was a tattoo at first! Ouch....

  2. I had big bruises on my belly too from shots. I swear I still see a phantom bruise leftover from March. It will fade eventually though. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Damn. Now that is a BRUISE.

    Let's hope those phantom symptoms are real!!

  4. Holy cow what a bruise but hopefully it will all be worth it!