Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cycle 9, Day 4

IUI#3 was a BFN, which I realized when I bled through two pairs of pants on Saturday while out of town.  Camping.  Kill me now.

Got depressed.

Got over it.

Got into a fight with my friend who has an eight week old baby who told me I should appreciate what I have and have a good weekend with my husband.  I actually politely tried to explain to her how insensitive her comments were and she went on and on about how she believes in the power of positive thinking and, oh wait, are you actually holding a newborn when you are telling me to be grateful?  You are dead to me, friend.

Got excited to start my IVF cycle and got my meds overnighted so I could start stimming tonight...only to find out that I developed four ovarian cysts and had to delay for at least another cycle.

So I'm back on birth control.  But I am SO THANKFUL that I have massive bleeding from my vagina.


  1. Some people are such idiots. I'm sorry she said those things to you. You feel whatever you feel like feeling and don't worry about what fertile people say.

  2. Awwwh I'm so sorry about all that. I can't remember how I found you...oh yeah, maybe in the comments section of some other blog. I am going to email you the next time I get to a computer so I can offer support for your upcoming cycle after the delay :)

  3. Oh goodness- getting your period while camping must have sucked. Hopefully you were at least a little prepared?

    I'm sorry that your fertile friend sucks the big one and decided to make such an insensitive comment. I mean, really? The power of positive thinking is going to make your cysts go away and you will be magically pregnant! *sigh* If only it were that easy.

  4. What a weekend. I'm so sorry this try wasn't the one for you, and then even more so that you had to hear that from your friend. We're here for you - you'll never hear that from us!