Monday, April 30, 2012

IUI #2 Is Next Week!

I have this whole long post laid out in my mind this morning but then those fools expected me to do a zillion things at work today.  Hello, Boss, I need to update my blog!  People want to know what's happening with my vagina!  Eleven people, but still!

So now before bedtime I can sneak in a little update.  I had my baseline ultrasound today on CD4.  Everything looked good!  She didn't even have to dig for my Lefty.  I started Clomid tonight after a hilarious day of hijinks with the Fed Ex guy and my medication order.  Seriously, Fed Ex, you won't give my drugs to my husband?  Is this crap because I didn't change my last name.  Disaster averted but if this happens again I'm going to have to get drugs delivered to work instead and hello awkward.

My mother was so funny on the phone today when I told her I was starting a new cycle.  "Did they say why it didn't work last time?"  LOL, Mom, you're adorable.  You and your accidental pregnancy (aka my cool sister) at 40 while on birth control pills.  Hilarious.

So stay tuned for a whole new big idea I had that hopefully I'll have time to post about soon.


  1. How many people can say they read a blog named Pussy Palace. At least 11. I'm proud to be one of the 11 readers!

  2. Eleven, plus the lurkers too!

    So is that how to get pregnant then? Turn 40 and take birth control pills? I have just relaxed, but I haven't tried that.

  3. My mom asks questions like that sometimes, makes me giggle too. Believe me I understand about the medication because even though Matt is home now still getting him to come to the house to put the medicine inside is sometimes an uphill battle. Fingers crossed for this cycle!

  4. Nice! I should be getting IUI #2 hopefully this weekend!

  5. Ooohhhh..... The suspense! I can't believe the fed ex man wouldn't leave the package with your husband. Too much!