Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Twelve Days Pregnant"

Looking at pregnancy web sites it never fails to amaze me how little pregnant women (smug fertiles) know about pregnancy or their own bodies for that matter. A few years ago, when pregnancy was still a distant dream for me, there was a woman on the Bump message boards ask if anyone else was taking birth control while "preggo" because she was concerned about Irish twins. Yes, she actually thought she could get pregnant while pregnant. Hilarity ensued.

I came across (okay fine, looked for it) a web site where women talked about telling their husbands they were pregnant. One woman had written in that by the time she found out she "was already twelve days pregnant." It reminded me of another time someone on a message board posted that for some reason home pregnancy tests "didn't work" for her because she didn't get a positive until she was four weeks pregnant.

Before I lose my mind and scream that stupid people should just stop reproducing I have to remember that just a few years ago I didn't really know this stuff either. Well, I knew you couldn't get re-pregant but not necessarily everything else.

And not that anyone reading this blog doesn't already know this, but pregnancies are usually dated by the first day of your last monthly period. So, by the time you can test positive on a home pregnancy test you are already nearly four weeks pregnant. There is no such thing as twelve days pregnant. On day twelve of a normal women's cycle she is gearing up to ovulate.

For people, like me, who don't have regular cycles, you need to use the date of ovulation to determine how pregnant you are. The first day of my last monthly period was January 31st. This, sadly, does not make me 64 days pregnant. If I am to ovulate soon (fingers crossed for this Saturday!) then I will be four weeks pregnant two weeks after that date. Does that make sense?

I just needed to get that off my chest!

Tonight is my last dose of Clomid. Then it's time to get this party started.


  1. I fought with my mother in law about this the whole time I was pregnant with DS! The woman had 5 kids...how is it she didn't know this? I know I didn't know these things when this all started either, but when you have already done the pregnancy thing (5 times) you should know a little bit about it!

    It seriously makes me sad how little women know about their bodies and how they are supposed to work.

  2. hahaha thanks for the laugh with head shaking! wow. I always wonder how I'm the person all of my pregos come to for info and advice. wth?!? not only have I never been pregnant, but it just confirms that the universe is indeed unfair. ;-) and good luck with this cycle!!!

  3. I like how the one wondering about birth control while pregnant was interested in preventing Irish twins. I guess she should have started by checking the definition of that term ... and then realizing it has nothing to do with getting pregnant while already pregnant. Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

  4. I find that most of the baby boards are OH MY GOD AM I PREGNANT? MY NIPPLE WAS SORE FOR A MINUTE LAST WEEK. Reading the entries makes me sad (for the state of our country/education system) so I just don't visit them anymore.

    C'mon Clomid!