Thursday, April 12, 2012

When it Rains, Get the Friggen Ark Ready

So speaking of first world problems, my husband got an amazing offer for a promotion last night. The offer would boost his salary to the point where it would nearly replace my entire take home salary. That means either my salary right now sucks or my husband is awesome. I suspect the correct answer is somewhere in the middle.

Why would we need to replace my salary, you ask? Because the promotion may be contingent on us moving to Boston. This is good news for several reasons:

1. Yay Boston! I've always wanted to live in a real city with stuff to do and people to meet. Boston has two zoos and an aquarium! My current city has none of those things. Plus it has a real airport with lots of daily flights to exotic locales - none of the multiple leg flights at insane costs we're used to.

2. Who wants to work everyday? I never really saw myself as Stay At Home Mom material, but if I can't find a job that pays more than day care (an atrocious $2400 a month in metro Boston) then I may enjoy it if I were in a big city where I wouldn't go stir crazy.

3. Boston is not really any further from our families and it's actually closer to where my sister lives. My favorite sister, not the other one.

4. I am at the point where I am ready for a change. I thought that meant I wanted to have a baby and buy a house but maybe moving will be good too. Although I hope a baby is part of the package.

So, what are the cons?

1. We really like our area. I've been here for nine years and DH has lived here for twelve. The cost of living is not bad so we actually live kinda luxuriously on our salaries if I do say so myself.

2. We own an apartment. Although we're not exactly sure what the market price would be right now, we don't think we'd be able to break even in a sale at this point. Renting is out is an option but one we know nothing about.

3. What about my career? Ideally I would delay the move until January, at which point I can become licensed to practice law in the state of Massachusetts. This of course fits conveniently into when New Year's Baby should show up. But would I ever be able to find another job? The job market for lawyers is crap.

It's a lot to think about. I am very proud of my husband and excited for our potential future together.


  1. Congratulations! As someone who grew up and went to college in MA, I am obviously very biased towards the living in Boston aspect. The schools are great and there is just so much to do. :-)

  2. Ha! This is similar to our situation except we may move to Chicago out of the Northeast!

    We rent out a condo out west that we weren't able to sell when we moved after I finished law school. Renting a condo really isn't that bad because the building/HOA will take care of most of the major stuff. Do you have friends that could help find tenants after you move? Or friends that will be able to help if something breaks in the apt? We gave a "management fee" to our neighbors upstairs to help find tenants, fix things/call someone to fix things, and make sure that the tenants aren't destroying our apt. It's really not too bad.