Monday, April 23, 2012

"I Think You Know Too Much"

When the spotting happened on Saturday I was a sobbing hysterical mess on the phone with my mother.  I begged her to locate my sister and have her call me because I think I remember her saying that she had implantation bleeding with her first pregnancy.

I told her that bleeding at 11dpo could be related to implantation because I didn't expect to get my period until at least 14dpo.  She got confused and then asked me "if your periods are irregular how do you know when you're going to get it next?"

When I tried to explain to her what it meant she said that maybe I was stressed out because I know too much about this process.

My pregnant sister really has no idea what the heck a Luteal Phase is.  And why should she?  I've talked about this before, but it seems most women only have a rudimentary understanding of how their bodies work.  They just know to have sex somewhere in the middle of the month and whammo, pregnant.

13dpIUI = BFN.

Beta is tomorrow.


  1. We have no choice but to know too much. I'm the local family expert on all woman related things and I'm the one with no living kids! I am so sorry you having such a rough road right now and I'm thinking of you.

  2. Ugh! I know what you mean. I wrote a post a while back about being tired of having to explain how a cycle works to fertiles. Those of us that have dealt/are dealing with IF understand why you get so caught up in all the details. Thanks for chronicling them here.

    Good luck on your beta. Fingers crossed.

  3. so sorry to hear you got a negative, i know the feeling all to well. i hope you get a bfp on your next cycle.

  4. Amen! It's very true that we tend to learn more about a process when it's not working for us. Think about it: there are many young women (and old) who believe that you can get pregnant just from their boyfriends/husbands/significant others looking at them!

    I'm sorry that this cycle wasn't the one for you. It's always hard when you have so much hope going in. Be good to yourself in the coming days and I hope that the future holds good news and joy very soon.


  5. I was just talking with a fellow IFer the other day about how I miss the obliviousness from when we first started this journey. It was almost comforting to not know anything, to have hope and faith. We have no choice but to become educated in order to become our own advocates and receive the best care for us possible. I hope you are successful in your journey. Here via ICLW.

  6. I am so jealous of women who have no idea what a luteal phase is....

    With that said, I'm so sorry your cycle didn't work :(.

    Hi from ICLW, also.

  7. Tracey (The Fertility daily)April 23, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Hi from ICLW #92. The 2ww is insanity. As an IVF mom who did 6 fresh IVFs before my daughter was born, I know how awful the wait can be. It's impossible not to obsess over everything and what it may or may not mean. And the more knowledge we have, the worse it an be. Gotta be hard to have a pregnant sis at the same time who knows nothing because she didn't need to know. Sorry, this cycle didn't work out. I wish you luck on the next one!
    I blog for my IVF docs at Long Island IVF so I can share my stories. I'm hoping ICLW and NIAW can help me find new blogs and spread the word about LIIVF's free Micro-IVF cycle contest kicking off this week. Details for those interested are on the blog or Long Island IVF's FB page

  8. LOL...this stoogy grandma told me that if I had sex on Full moon nights I would conceive a son. That was years ago...

    Point is, that lady with zero understanding of ovulation/fertility/cycles, can live in her world of ignorance and *gasp* can be a mum, and then her kids get to be parents too.

    Fertility has no connection with awareness, it seems.

    Sorry about the BFN. Your blog tagline is pretty catchy by the way.


  9. Hi from ICLW (#52)!! I love this post. My sis-in-law just got pregnant "by accident." Talking to her about cervical mucus and OPKs...yeah right. She has no idea! People really don't understand unless they are forced to. It's very unfair. Yesterday I had a "false positive" on a digital OPK and spent the whole morning obsessing over it, even running to the drug store at lunch to buy/try a different OPK. What's it like NOT to obsess? I have no idea.

    Sorry about your BFN. Maybe the RE will have some positive news for you today.

  10. Suck! I'm so sorry about the BFN. I'm here from ICLW, but I've been visiting for a bit, now. I wrote about this lack of awareness on my blog this week, but in a more clinical discussion about a lack of awareness of women's health. I think it's bananas that the author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility felt the need to include an insert for MDs because they didn't know much about it, either. Bananas.

  11. I could have written this post this week. My best friend (pregnant with #4 in 5 yrs) had this same comment for me when I explained how the progesterone I am on during the 2ww could keep my period from coming. Sorry about the BFN...on to next month for me too...